Who can tryout?
Any 7th grade student planning on attending BHI for their 8th grade year.

What are the requirements?
All students wanting to tryout must meet the following academic and behavior standards:
- passing grades for all classes in the first semester
- conduct grades of C or higher for all classes in the first semester with an overall conduct average of B or higher
- less than 10 days of main detention
- 0 assignments to ISC, Guidance Center, Saturday detention, or suspension

When are tryouts?
Tryouts happen during the spring semester typically in March.

What happens during the week of tryouts?
All interested and eligible candidates will be taught jumps, a chant, a cheer, and a dance throughout the week.  Tryouts will occur at the end of the week.

Is tumbling required?
Tumbling is not required.

How many students make the team?
The number of cheerleaders vary every year.  There is no set number.

How is the team selected?
Judges with cheerleading experience and no affiliation with BHI will score the candidates based on their performance.  Scores are averaged with teacher evaluation scores.  The team is then selected based on the natural break in the score list.

When is the new team list posted?
The list will be posted on the school website approximately 4-5 hours after tryouts are concluded.


What is the time commitment?
The cheerleading season begins immediately after tryouts in March of the 7th grade year and ends on the last day of 8th grade.

What is the financial commitment?
Cheerleading is a non-funded sport at BHI.  Cheer families will have to pay for all uniform pieces and accessories that they keep.  All efforts are made to keep costs low.

What events do cheerleaders attend?
Cheerleaders perform at all home football and basketball games.  They also attend one volleyball match, one girls' soccer game, and one boys' soccer game.  Additionally, cheerleaders perform at all pep rallies throughout the year.  Cheerleaders may be asked to attend a variety of other events throughout the year to perform or act as student ambassadors.